Possessive bts ot7 x reader. Someone to come home to, someone to be there for you, to build . “Why are we having this conversation again?”. jungkook coming out to bts . Summary. with seven chances to prove who can be the best roommate, the boys are prepared . Pinned Post bts bts reactions bts imagines bts scenarios bts masterlist masterlist bts x reader bts x you kim namjoon kim seokjin min yoongi jung hoseok park jimin kim taehyung jeon jeongguk bts fanfic bts fluff bts angst bts au namjoon rm . He hates you and you hate him. Rating: Fluff so far. fake snapchats. even into t. ii. reading hamlet by william shakespeare. #bts fic #bts fluff #bts angst #jungkook x reader #jimin x reader #jungkook #jimin #yoongi #seokjin #taehyung #namjoon #hoseok #ot7 x reader #jungkook . The battle was long and brutal and at one point, you couldn’t care to hide your secret anymore, not when both Yoongi and Namjoon had fallen on the ground with barely any strength left to get . End of story. genre: straight up angsty smut and bittersweet fleeting moments of fluff. However, Bang gave BTS autonomy to run their own Twitter and vlog from their studio, and . Wordcount: 12. bts as ouran highschool host club characters. See my Boundaries Here. At least not until you met his six equally depraved “friends. 1 allen tx library kindle hunter robinson and kelsie davenport md rule 3-507 new mexico bowl 2013 score masajes linfaticos en casa huey 1/24 deluxe four room cabin tent glassville . bts x reader bts jin x reader yoongi x reader hoseok x reader namjoon x reader jimin x reader taehyung x reader jungkook x reader jin seokjin yoongi suga jung hoseok kim namjoon jimin taehyung jungkook bts fanfic bts headcannons bts imagine gn!reader bts fluff rm kpop kpop fanfic kpop x reader kpop imagines kpop boys taehyung fluff OT7 Masterlist. The Dis-Ease Files (OT7 x Reader Drabble Series) - COMPLETE. And ot7 bts Drabble where werewolf bts are trying to talk to their human mate for the first time. Pairing: Taehyung x f. “What are you talking about?”. Discover more posts about bts x you, bts scenarios, bts drabble, bts mafia au, bts imagine, jimin x reader, and ot7 x reader. pairing: ot7 x f!reader (platonic?) warnings/tags: swearing, attempts at humour, so much bickering, everyone is petty summary: when y/n’s roommate moves out, an opening at the nicest apartment complex on campus becomes available – and highly coveted within the crowded bangtan dorm. Sure, we were all very concerned about whether or not Harry was going Possessive crush x reader lemon Possessive crush x reader lemon Possessive avengers x male reader Possessive avengers x male reader warnings: jealous!bucky, possessive!bucky, rough sex, breeding kink if you squint, strong language, degradation, a little angst, slapping, spit kink, angry bucky, choking, unprotected sex (wrap . list . You were naive. She narrowly escaped death, thanks to a blonde hero in a bartender suit. tatemae; 建前 — a bts series. 💭Pairing - OT7 x Reader (smau) 💭Rating - 18+ 💭Genre - Angst, Fluff(Mostly Flashbacks) idol au, 💭Warnings - Not literal Infidelity, but they are on the verge of it. His voice is thick in tone and slightly lower range, but still remaining relatively light in weight and sounding more like a lyric baritone than anything else at first but with further inspection, the actual tessitura of his voice seems . Borathae. fake texts. Anonymous said: moni my favourite author how would the EE boys react to seeing yn in a sundress?? ooh maybe a yellow one Answer: varying degrees of silence and intense glaring at every ripple as she. Tem. → link: click here or title to read !. 250 notes. Being Cute Is Tiring (Hoseok) The Vocal Line Of BTS (Yoongi, Hoseok) Taehyung Is Beautiful 6 out of 5 stars. Warnings: This story contains very sexually explicit scenes, cursing, blood & blood drinking, morally grey characters, violence and death. you’re going to be fathers! - ot7!BTS x reader texts. See a recent post on Tumblr from @smasmashie about ot7 x reader. Summary: Taehyung accidentally posts about you on their BTS account instead of his secrect fan account causing many unexpected events unfold. Jealousy - Hank Anderson x Reader. | teaser (bts ot7 x female reader). Number two - Ot7 as in all members are love interests but the reader only ends up with one. de DA: 14 PA: 28 MOZ Rank: 59. Summary: You are a genius, a billionaire, a morally flexible business magnate And by absolutely no fault of your own, also roommates with a demon. by Ore-sama. They were always so busy with work but you’ve never blamed them. A new neighbor arrives and slowly begins to break down your heavily guarded walls, his growls providing your safety as you both face what it means to be an animal. Regular requests are closed but feel free to leave a scenario or m2l in my ask box. However, most of these options require users to spend diamonds. Pairing: Jungkook x Reader. A werewolf cannot be mated to a revenant, that goes against the laws of nature. In BTS’ case, V’s voice stands out because he is the only low tenor singing with other three tenors in the group, with every rapper in BTS is a baritone. Helping kids make Thanksgiving crafts proves a difficult task for the boys, who show . “Possessive” I muttered and he chuckled “Only of you” He said and smiled. Pregnant kakashi fanfiction – JK GROUP OF COLLEGES:jkgroupofcolleges › nhjyz › mgmoes=pregn Levi x sick reader Jealous levi x reader lemon deviantart The ugly duckling bts jungkook x male reader katie fanfiction romance 9 weeks ago yn was the adopted son of kim namjoon and kim seokjin and the adoptive brother of taehyung. Nov 27th, 2016. Summary: College life is not what you expected and befriending your peers is a challenge, at least until your coworkers invite you to join their weekly trivia night. Das-uhrwerk. reactions. Pairing: OT7 x f. Discover more posts about bts imagines, bts smut, bts scenarios, bts x you, bts au, bts drabble, and bts x reader. 00:00 | An ot7 Drabble being jealous and possessive over. Pairing: OT7 x reader. You do everything together. dating jin would include. 116 notes. It was easy to get accustomed to, but the wave of sweat and cologne was way too much at the beginning. New. POSTED: 10/17/2020 #yandere bts #yandere bts x male reader #yandere bts fic #yandere seokjin x male reader #yandere yoongi x male reader #yandere namjoon x male reader #yandere hoseok x male reader #yandere jimin x male reader #yandere ot7 x male reader #. Not when her accidental savior decided to fall in love with her. An OT7, non-idol AU. But sometimes it did get lonely, and sometimes you did find yourself feeling more lonely than…lonely. 2. It involves bits here and there. » m. 민윤기 — min yoongi; suga. Original; Landing BTS are the brainchild of veteran writer and producer Bang Shi Hyuk, who formerly worked at the K-pop entertainment giant JYP, then formed Big Hit Entertainment and debuted BTS in 2013. hands appreciation - ot7!BTS x reader texts. 52 notes . ↳ Pairing: J-Hope x fem!reader. ↳ Genre(s): fluff; angst; idol!BTS x college-student! reader. This type of behavior/relationship is completely unacceptable in real life, and I do not condone it in any way. You just know she’s raising an eyebrow in your direction. chaos ensues. loki loki incorrect quotes mcu incorrect quotes mcu tony stark peter parker loki x you loki x y/n loki x gender neutral reader . Millions of people in the world wanted to be in your position, surrounded by the boys of BTS. However, upon finding out Tommy’s past with Kate, the reader flips out and gets jealous. ) The warnings are limited to the first few chapters. She knew she can never look at life the same way ever again. Jimin: Hearing you moan from such little things would definitely have him biting his lip. Except when all seven members of BTS happen to be your soulmate… well, that presents a small challenge. bts as dads; part one & part two. See a recent post on Tumblr from @taegularities about bts x reader. Add to library 145 Discussion 19 Suggest tags. This is an OT7/YN fic, with a Yoongi/YN focus. (There are no heavy triggers, only slight mentions of it. “and you went to a party. But! I want to try and grow a little community on Tumblr, too. Bringing with them aid, magic and so much more. ☀️pairing: bts x reader (f) / bts/bts ☀️rating: 18+ ☀️genre: soulmate au, idol au, angst, fluff, eventual smut ☀️word count: 17k ☀️warnings: panic attack, depression, alcohol consumption, language, angst ☀️summary: A soulmate. Reader Summary: College life is not what you expected and befriending your peers is a challenge, at least until your coworkers invite you to join their weekly trivia night. Although you’re desperate not to stray from the familiar path you thought was laid out in front of . Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Durarara Shizuo Heiwajima Shizuo X Reader Possessive Shizuo . 8k »A/N: So I wrote ¾ of this story over a year ago and just got back to it to finish, so sorry if its a little messy lol. Poly BTS x reader * So you joined BTS and grew close to all the members pretty quickly * The members would all take care of you because you were the baby if the group along with jungkook * But jungkook loves to baby you, too * He was happy he was finally able to do the banging instead of the other way around * Some small things they would all do: Hybrid/Host Club!AU | OT7 x Reader | Series In which you (reader) are forced to take care of seven hybrids in a twist of fate. Fic rec: “One Wish” is a reverse harem (of sorts) idol!OT7 x named reader and is so detailed and brilliant, canon compliant. ”. Genre: Fluffy Angst (?), Polyamorous, Poly!BTS, Hybrid! Au. t - part 1 ;; masterlist in bio! → anyone else missed my fake texts? xD because i sure missed them! consider this my birthday present to all of you 鸞酪. I don’t know. (ot7 x reader) – synopsis ; you never expected that you would end up adopting a hybrid, and if someone had told you that you would end up with seven ? well, you would have thought they were crazy. “We’re not going to leave you,” Seokjin said, walking in. BTS Werewolf!AU Series: Chapter One: Anger Issues [Park Jimin x Reader] ☆ OT7 x Reader ☆ Werewolf! AU - [Alpha/Beta/Omega] ☆ Mature [18+] [First chapter doesn’t contain smut, some violence but nothing graphic] ☆ Chapters: [7] Story Written by @btsismy6thkink, Moodboard created by @honey-yoongles. The goal is to thrive within the most corrupted society, walk amongst the top alphas from the wealthiest blood and withstand the most powerful households to seize the throne of immunity. Sam and dean x sister reader lemon. vampire bts, poly ot7 x uni student yn. Ot7- one of them . If you dont know what a second gender or SG is, I would be glad to tell you. Number four - Ot7 as all the members end up with the reader or Y/N but no actual romance between them. cigarette smoke and love. with seven chances to prove who can be the best roommate, the boys are prepared to do . (J-Hope is a werewolf and the Reader is a vampire) #bts texts #fake bts texts #jung hoseok #werewolf jung hoseok #vampire reader #everyday texts salvation Part One; bts!ot7 werewolf au. Got7 imagines jealous tumblr Loki x Oc. Fun fact – this fic gave me permission to write a fanfic in the BTS fandom because mine was also set in the idolverse and canon compliant. Pairing: BTS x Fem!Reader, OT7 x CatHybrid! Reader. pairings: ot7 x trophy wife!reader. SFW HCs by yandere-delights it's pretty late at night . You know it without even looking. Warnings: none. 5k Characters: Wolf!Namjoon, Fox!Seokjin, Black Cat!Yoongi, Golden Retriever!Hoseok, Calico Cat!Jimin, Labrador!Taehyung, Bunny!Jungkook [ ot7 x reader] bts flopped 😞💔 . I felt so depressed when she just w. Reader Saved. but here you are, with three different packs of hybrids that don’t get along – but all want to stay with you. Genre: hybrid au, mates au, angst, polyamory relationship, some a/b/o dynamics, Pairing: poly bts x reader. Genka Kunahito is the Guidance Counselor at Akademi High School. Permalink. Reader & Yoongi x f. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Oc Oc X Reader Werewolf Werewolf X Reader Mate Alpha X Reader Thriller Possessive Slow Burn. " Emma said and a brief look of horror flashed across her face before it vanished. Finn Wolfhard X Reader. BTS | Reader Jungkook | Fanfiction Romance Love Bangtan. When you take a promotion to become a member of the BTS staff, your world collides with the Bangtan Pack and you realise you have a lot to learn. Summary: Your nightmares occasionally plague your nights, but each time you manage to end up in their comforting embrace, the nightmare long forgotten. ↳ Index [Chapter 01 - Initium] Warnings: none really, just people getting to know each other. Starring: BTS, Bigbang, GOT7, TXT, BlackPink, NCT127 and Twice are going to be introduced and explored fully in later chapters. Summary: (Y/N) has the fate of her people on her shoulders and according to a seer, the only way to save her kingdom from the bloodthirsty wolves is by giving herself to the god of the hunt. A hybrid BTS x reader AU. boyfriend snapchats: ↳ seokjin / yoongi / hoseok / namjoon / jimin / taehyung / jungkook ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ: ot7 x reader || ᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ: 10. A/N: I wanted to write smthng like this for a while now so here it is; hope yall like it; sry for the hiatus everyone, finals r wild. 150 words. 7k. 3k words. However, everything is not as it seems when it turns out that she is not just his soulmate when she finally meets the rest of his band . Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; OT7 - Relationship; OT7 x reader . Oh wow now you find that cute” BTS KSC Halloween Smut Project Brimstone - Jimin, Jongin, Taemin x Reader (m) - Demon AU Summary: You’re lonely and frustrated, and you haven’t been able to meet a man to fulfill your needs…so one day you decide to see if a crossroads spell can answer your wishes - and instead of one man, you end up with three, Jongin, Jimin, and Taemin. My Editor and Commission = Tae-Pollux [ Chapter One ] Low tide engulfed your feet as waves gently bumped around your ankles, sand squishing between your toes with each step. pairing: ot7 x reader. i. but when you discovered your first soulmate in that underground fighting club, you realised that you weren’t just there to celebrate the ending of a chapter—you were commemorating the beginning of a new one. bts reacting to you being pregnant. ~BTS Gifs~ [Blood, Sweat & Tears] bts bts wings bts tumblr bts theory bts comeback bangtan bangta boys bulletproof boy scouts kpop bts x reader. “You left me for . 8 participants - 8 online. Cheer Up | Poly!BTS |. In this dimension, people use the Second gender. A few demon (s). msftsbts. tatemae: (n) what a person pretends to believe; the behaviours and opinions one must display to satisfy society’s demands. ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ: ot7 x reader || ᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ: 10. Reader, minor Jungkook x f. “ Because we need to discuss our plan on how to approach her,” Jin repeated for the third time, teeth now gritted. After all, they had a company to run. romance + fantasy + adventure + angst. He asked you, a little hurt by your action and you wanted to console . imagines (individual): angry/possessive yoongi. Warnings: Obsessive behavior, implied murder, mentions of murder, extreme possessive tendencies, implied stalking. ⤷ yoongi and jungkook, jimin and (y/n) prev // mlist // next. All hell broke loose, they were arguing half thought your uniform being a too cute for work and the other half . warning: ? mentions of bad past, reader has nightmares. → lemme know what you think, whether you want more of this or i should just up and delete, it’s up to you, much love! Pairing : OT7 x Hybrid! Reader Genre : Angst, Fluff, Hybrid!Au Rating: nc-17 Warning : Violence, swearing • Information above may change as the story progresses Wc : 1k Betas : @kerikaaria Banner and divider : @jaeism A/N : Hullo~ Welcome to the second part!!! Thank you once again to my amazing beta. lim x → 0 e sin x = e lim x → 0 sin x = e 0 = 1 lim x → 0 ⁡ e sin ⁡ …. (reader x ot7 . Open in app. Then you noticed the noise. BTS are the brainchild of veteran writer and producer Bang Shi Hyuk, who formerly worked at the K-pop entertainment giant JYP, then formed Big Hit Entertainment and debuted BTS in 2013. warnings: none! summary: each of the boys love languages. Originally posted by minyoongihoseok “I’m telling you, I’m haunted. 김석진 — kim seokjin; jin. Started: April 19, 2021 Completed: January 17, 2022 Also published on AO3. Through a series of curious happenstances, the Boys of Bangtan - your campus’ most popular and most handsome group of individuals - set their sights on you, a regular student with a stubborn streak and a wayward mouth. You mimed throwing up, much to your male friends’ annoyance, but your female friends quickly joined in. Her eyes fixed on the girl standing a few paces in front of her. When you got inside, the smell of men blasted you in the face. Pairing: OT7 x Fem!Reader Word Count: 3. 1. pregnancy test - ot7 ↳ a pregnancy test is found in the trash. 8k || ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: smut - rated 18+ <- prev || masterlist || next -> ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: threesome (mxmxm), dom!jk, sub!jin, sub!th, mentions of puppyspace, oral (m receiving), come eating, unprotected sex, french kissing, creampie, brief spanking, spit used as lube (pls use actual lube irl folks), a teensy serving of crying . ↳ Rating: 16+ ↳ Summary: When you get a text from an unknown number, you didn’t think much of it. Warnings: This story contains swearing, mentions of abusive parents, sexism, infidelity and sexually explicit scenes. ⤷ bts x youtuber!reader. r. watching my hero acadamia. bts dropping their partner off at the airport. Length: 1. Pairing: OT7 X Fem. Jimin is being a baby about the fact that the heating being broken, so you teach him a lesson about whining. "careful now, you might make me fall in love with you. Answer: There aren’t many OT7 fanfic but one I started reading was Frat boys. anon: Poly ot7 babying the reader 🥺. 00:00 | Ot7 poly Scenario: "BTS finds out you are their. jungkook texting reader from across the room at a party. Bts ot7 x reader lemon BTS reaction to when their crush has a weird laugh Sep 30, 2021 · Pinned Post bts x reader bts smut bangtan sonyeondan jin imagine namjoon imagine yoongi imagine hobi imagine jimin imagine taehyung imagine jungkook imagine bts yandere bts drabble bts angst bts fluff bts fanfic jungkook oneshot taehyung oneshot jimin oneshot yoongi one shot namjoon one shot jin one shot hoseok one shot ot7 . 3 years ago on September 15th, 2018. With all the camera angles and things happening in the background, it’s hard to see everything that happened during BTS‘s 2021 MUSTER “Sowoozoo. That was all you had wished for. Redamancy (n. As an isolated, lonely omega raised by humans, you have little understanding of how other wolves live. ! ot7 bts x female reader ! synopsis: you didn’t mean for it to become something big. "Nothing nothing, I just want to listen to the church songs. My series are released on Wednesdays at 3PM (EST) due to a change in my schedule, so I can have more time for editing and posting. However, the. It was Sunday. Hot. »Pairing: Seo Changbin x f!Reader »Genre: angsty x fluff »Warning: teenage angst au ~ mature language x sexual content x drug/alcohol use »Words: 5. After your estranged mother passes away, you’re left with an unwanted will and the heavy burden of responsibility. Possessive 掠. t - part 2 ;; masterlist in bio! → here it is, the second part, lmao. . Different reaction to the proposal. You’re currently public enemy #1. “I needed you,” You whispered, shaking your head slightly. Se-ri then runs into Ri Jeong-hyeok, Captain of the North Korean Jul 29, 2020 · So I must simply sit with the thoughts she provokes, such as her interesting take on the "vanishing" of Korean women through the emergence of multiple non-Korean women . ☾ werewolf!BTS reaction when they get jealous. If you are sensitive to such topics I advice you read with care. ” BTS Masterlist | Masterlists Originally posted by kookmint With one hand gripping my morning coffee {or tea or smoothie or whatever you drink}, my phone, and my ID card that got me into the building, I used my other and my full body weight to push open my studio door, the heavy bastard. Of course, it isn't ENTIRELY mentioned throughout the story. Reader with main Taehyung x f. prologue. magical humans! + descendants of the myths + witch/sorceress! reader. Nothing prepared you, well it couldn’t prepare anyone, for the shit-storm that commenced. After you met with the seven boys, though your best friend Eunji, all nine of you stuck together like glue. The Taste of Love (Jungkook X Reader) Completed July 24, 2017 PurpleSunSets. "Say hello to the boys. tagged as: bts social media au, min yoongi, yoongi social media au, bts sm au, social media au, yoongi angst, yoongi fic, yoongi fanfic, yoongi fluff, yoongi smut, yoomgi sm au, bts, bts reactions, bts texts au, yoongi texts, bts fic, bts fanfic, bts fan fictions, yoongi x reader, yoongi x you, bts yoongi, bts suga, bts . requested: no. smut, cam girl, pseduo-brothers(see note above), kinda a crack fic, online sex work, camming, sex toys, onlyfans, yandere behavior but the boys are all dummies kinda- at least at first-, obsessive behavior, possessive behavior, specialized warnings . It’s to tour a closed zoo at night, but little did you know, you’d have to face the undead in a battle for clues… sort of. Legally speaking. Browse through and read or take ot7 x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations . Too naive. Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Smut, University!AU, Vampire!AU. how bts would propose. Sexual tension skyrockets as you befriend this curious group of handsome young men. She spent time with her younger brother Yoon San-Ha daily, as well as attending a part-time job at a café. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings; Graphic Depictions Of Violence; Kim Namjoon | RM/Reader; Kim Seokjin | Jin/Reader; Min Yoongi | Suga/Reader; Jung Hoseok | J-Hope/ Oc Oc X Reader Werewolf Werewolf X Reader Mate Alpha X Reader Thriller Possessive Slow Burn. In a rapturous memory the rain pours even when I dance alone. Word Count: 5. The Jungs, the last - necromancy Basilisk witches of the Nero clan in all of Korea, were constantly feared and persecuted by their peers for their so baleful and ominous powers. An onslaught of death threats and very originally hate comments calling you fat, ugly and stupid. When the descendants and heirs of the myths and legends come together to live a normal life, something - someone - is thrown into their plans. The pain in your chest nearly suffocates you. Wordcount: 2,491. Hoseok is the type of partner who wants to make sure that you’re satisfied and happy, so if this is what you like, he’d happily do it constantly. Originally posted by cyyphr. 2021 - Read 4 from the story Mᴇᴀɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ [Bts X Reader] ot7 by TheCrippleCulture with 2,474 reads. You always looked at the world in a nice prospective, seeing against people’s true nature because you saw the good in everyone. Pairing: Hybrid!Hoseok x Female!Reader. hii, i’m writing a poly bts on my wattpad lol, i’m considering uploading it here as well but i don’t know. If you are sensitive to such topics, I advise you read with care. But your parents had always warned . → pairing: poly!bts x reader (soulmate!au) → genre: fluff , angst . Yoongi whispered. Have fun reading and have a great/night ahead. He lets my lips go and whispers into my ear “I need you so bad” he pulls off my shirt in a hurry and tears off his own. pairing: ot7 x f!reader (platonic?) warnings/tags: swearing, attempts at humour, way too many friends references summary: when y/n’s roommate moves out, an opening at the nicest apartment complex on campus becomes available – and highly coveted within the crowded bangtan dorm. listening to animal crossing by shawn wasabi. Euphoric Endeavours [5] vampire bts, poly ot7 x uni reader yn (AN: Hi, all! This story is actually already posted on AO3. Your whole body is shaking, feeling hot and cold at the same time. Turkey Tango: One of the Thanksgiving story raffle submissions, Bulletproof Melody Universe, reader x ot7. ) - a love returned in full. Genre: Fluff, smut, a little angst #ot7 x reader on Tumblr smasmashie Buyers Beware [7] Pairing: OT7 x reader Genre: Soulmate AU, fluff/comedy Summary: AU where whatever you write on your skin shows up on your soulmate’s too. #bts #bts ff #bts fanfic #bts x reader #bts ot7 #bts ot7 x reader #bts rm #bts rap monster #bts seokjin #bts jin #bts namjoon #bts suga #bts yoongi #bts jhope #bts hoseok #bts jimin #bts taehyung #bts v #bts jungguk #bts jungkook #bts hybrid au #bts ceo au #bts my seven hybrids #my seven hybrids #sapphireheart #sapphire-heart However, most of these options require users to spend diamonds. You aren’t expecting anything but a fresh start and a chance to breathe. Maybe that’s why . headcanons. I might just give them their . They didn’t really bother you for the first day but they slowly gnawed away at you. Yandere Ot7 x Reader series Warnings. w. hope you guys like it! let me know if you did 💕💕💕. Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Yandere Yandere Bts Yandere Bts X Reader *Chapter 1-2 updated!* Y/N, an aspiring college journalist, chases cold cases in hopes of reveali . either bts or reader has a secret if being a shifter of some sorts and the other find out. bts bts imagines bts fanfic bts scenarios bts reactions bts x reader bts x yn bts masterlist bts masterpost ot7 kim seokjin min yoongi jung hoseok kim namjoon park jimin kim taehyung jeon jeongguk bts au bts fluff bts angst bts smut. It was how the eight of you ended up together in the first place, because you saw the good in them and trusted them. N ot C lickbait | 10. Namjoon, humble yet lethal. boyfriend snapchats: ↳ seokjin / yoongi / hoseok / namjoon / jimin / taehyung / jungkook Welcome ♡ (18+ content warning) Idol/Fanboy! Taehyung X Idol! Reader. [ possessive! / yandere! knj x reader ] Yoon (Y/N) lived a normal life just like every other twenty-two year old female in Seoul. Dominance (BTS x Reader) Fanfiction. The surgeons of the world-renowned HYBE Medical Center deal with every kind of case under the sun, walking into life and death situations every day. Themes. Tags: Demon AU, Soulmate AU, eventual smut, fluff, domestic bliss, polyamory, slow burn (demonically), overprotective BTS, chaotically whipped BTS, demonically . yeah, it turns out crazy is an understatement. Sort by: Hot. This is purely fictional and for storytelling purposes. jin: tired of being single. bts x reader jimin x reader taehyung x reader bts fanfction bts fic rec mafia taehyung mafia au safe for work bts fic bts x you bts fluff fluff fanfic recommendation Warnings: 18+! unhealthy relationships (i mean, it’s a yandere, albeit soft-ish but still a yandere, fic), subject to change warnings include. “I want you all to leave,” You whispered, shutting your eyes again, covering your head. # 1. “What’s the point in fighting for this?”. Hoseok and the rest of his clan were isolated from the rest of the magical community, cut off by their peers and neighbors. Mileena x male reader lemon. Anonymous. Status: On Going. Mentions of alcohol abuse, Mentions of Self harm. please check it out if you’re interested in poly!bts fics :)). 방탄소년단 — ot7 bangtan. Photographermale reader x yanderevalerie snapped oh if it isnt a young trainer. anon: Ot7 with a shy insecure reader🥺. Enjoy!~ Cover by: @preciousjoong Views: 1k - 27/11/19 10k & 11k - 2/2/20 (wtf same day . nomimits7. tae: cool. bts cuddling. boys' long sleeve navy shirt. Yoongi, corrupted yet the purest. Discover more posts about ot7 x reader, bts mafia au, bts x you, bts imagine, bts fluff, bts x reader, and bts ot7 x reader. Hoseok, deceptive yet considerate. This story will tell how you, a small girl stood as an equal with these giants, in day to day life. the end of an era pt. 9 hours ago · About ot7 lemon Bts x reader; bts smut yandere bts bts fanfic bts fic bts jeongguk bts social media au bts jungguk jungkook yandere bts yandere yandere fake social media part 3 jungkook x reader 55 notes Jun 12th, 2021 Open in appbts kpop bts reaction kpop reactions bts x . Yandere (ヤンデレ) is a Japanese term for a person who is initially very loving and gentle to someone (or at least innocent) before their devotion becomes destructive in nature, often through violence and/or brutality. #jack morrison #soldier 76 #jack morrison x reader #soldier 76 x reader #overwatch #overwatch imagine #nsfw #VERY nsfw #it's been so long but i've got some VERY naughty prompts coming up (¬‿¬) #i don't have ANY free time lately so i will be slow with updates but! #thank you so much for being patient with me! Kyle Broflovski is one of South Park's main . Summary: No one ever told you that you had a soulmate or—soulmates, for that matter. updated masterlist as of 4/23/22 for jellifysh’s blog, content inside is mostly ot7 x fem!reader centered and exclusively bts content. Facebook. warnings: werewolf!au; werewolf reader; cliche fluff. The pack got together just like every night for a round of drinks and casual hanging out. Oc Oc X Reader Werewolf Werewolf X Reader Mate Alpha X Reader Thriller Possessive Slow Burn. ), mild dd/lg themes, praise kink, cumplay, reader is a virgin, jungkook is lowkey a hoe, a lil heartbreak, Taehyung makes an appearance, long haired jungkook, mentions of harrassment, jungkook punches a guy, strength kink NON-BTS KPOP MASTERLIST:: HERE ⁘ B T S ☆ ONGOING WORKS:— ☆ Enchanted To Meet You (Hybrid AU // Soulmate AU) (Fluff // Humour // Smut // Angst // eventually nsfw) (Ot7 x Reader) (slow burn) Posted: 21-04-2020. Pairing: OT7 x Reader. He hugs you tightly, rocking you from side to side whilst humming a soft melody. Summary: Straight-A student by day, Kim Namjoon’s personal toy by night, you didn’t live a terrible life. He loves making you moan dos he would be like Yoongi, kissing and biting . Beta: The Beta is the second in command (to the Alpha)and enforces the law when the current alpha is not present. WARNING: This story involves mention of rape, suicide and a lot more brutality, so if you find them disturbing, please consider your choice on reading this book. x Possessive reader male avengers [TR650G] Little By Little (Bucky Barnes x Shy!reader) I leaned a bit more into the possessive/protective side Dog X Reader Lemon Wattpad 7K 2K Giving this a rest to Fanfiction Loki Dog Reader Man Friend Dog Reader It was getting colder now, snow had even began. Loving OT7 24/7. Reader . Amajiki x reader lemon quirk Noritama is one of the most popular flavors of x Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic Fan Art, Sonic Boom, Optimus prime x human reader wattpad Results 1 - 30 of 94 Read Yandere Velvet x Male Reader (Forced Lemon) from the story X Reader Transformers For Kids Yandere werewolf x reader lemon forced. Give yourself an emoji so I can tag you and it’s easier for you to find. However, all of this changes when her best friend Park Jinwoo t. Originally posted by tae-hyung. Masterlist. The normal practice of K-pop is to oversee every element of the life of young “idols”, as they are known in Korea. “N-no”, you hiccup, crying even more afterwards. Jimin, innocent yet destructive. quitting something shouldn’t be such a big event that you had to go out to celebrate. age-gap!au BTS are the brainchild of veteran writer and producer Bang Shi Hyuk, who formerly worked at the K-pop entertainment giant JYP, then formed Big Hit Entertainment and debuted BTS in 2013. bts as famous rom-coms. bts. no, there is no in between. Description: BTS x Reader, Siren/Mermaid, AU, OT7, Rated PG-13. ‘Now. You heard Hoseok whisper from the doorway. . “Jagi…”. Winding Down: One of the Halloween story raffle submissions; reader x Ot7 BTS from Bulletproof melody, fluffy and cuddly with kisses. His Ex (Jungkook x You, fluff, short story) Jungkook and His Idol GF (award show short story reaction, fluff) Don’t Forget, You’re Mine (Jungkook x Reader smut) Tension (Jungkook x Reader, light smut/fluff) Some of My Favorite Reblogs. 285 22 9. “My love”, Taehyung breathes before his strong arms are around your body. Keep reading. complete || ot7 x reader. Pairing: eventual idol!BTS x ARMY!reader. SIBI 🔞 | Masterlist & Links | Schedule | Latest. 1k. If you want any specific ship, if it has to be straight or BTS member X Reader or any other preference do lemme know. “All you need are the sweet kisses and warm hugs of your boyfriends to feel . Also this possibly could be a series but not sure yet. Fandoms: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS Explicit; Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings; F/M, M/M, Multi; Work in Progress; 18 Jul 2018 . Zombies! | Eighth Member BTS | Fluff with some Humor and a bit of Horror | Best Friends!BTS x Eighth Member!Reader | Summary : You are the eighth member of BTS and are doing a famous Run!BTS episode. (Incestuous ships of other kinds, including nonfiction, step . When he takes over this world, you would be his prize. As time passes, you and the unknown person start getting closer to each other and soon a friendship blossoms. networkbangtan bts bts x reader ot7 x reader bts ot7 namjoon x reader seokjin x reader yoongi x reader hoseok x reader jimin x reader taehyung x reader jungkook x reader bts angst supernatural bts yandere bts vampire bts poly bts. 1,891 notes. at peace. ” he muttered before softly snoring “Of course” I muttered while kissing his forehead. About Reader Lemon Mate X Werewolf . " Moon Monji is an art major who might die before she reaches the age of twenty-five. You plan to keep your head down, work hard, and avoid anything that might let a past you would rather forget catch up with you. kpopgirlbtssvt asked: Hiya! Can I please request an BTS OT7 x American female reader imagine where they are all in a relationship and they ask the y/n to move into the dorm with them (that fancy one BTS just moved into haha), she says yes of course + BTS being super romantic and soft + lots of hugs, cuddles, and kisses! Aaaahh, this . 250 notes . Chapter Text. 1,891 notes . ” “Don’t you mean cursed?” Your roommate looks up from her homework as you crash onto her bed face first, not even bothering to take off your sneakers. com and download the Wattpad app to read and chat about fiction . He pulls down his pajama pants while I slowly pull down the boxers teasing him, he bites his lips staring down at me. Genre: Smut, Fluff, a lil angst. Tumblr. VIII. Humans don’t have soulmates, but . genre: angst, fluff. Summary: In a world where you see everything in black and white until you meet your soulmate, Min Yoongi finally sees in colour when he meets an ARMY while on a walk. It was understandable why Jungkook would react that way. Tumblr PNG. The chains shook as her hands above her fought against them. minniepetals. jimin, kimtaehyung, minyoongi. Main Themes: slowburn-ish?, swearing, crackhead humour, angst, fluff fluff fluff🥺, smut, the idol industry, bad flirting and memes. Jimin feels the need to make sure you know to whom you belong (Needy Jimin not Yandere) Too Cold To Sleep Alone Jimin and Y/N get stuck sleeping at his place after some Xmas shopping Baby It’s Cold Outside掠. Frenemies with benefits – Oikawa Tōru x . Genre: Mafia AU. Third Wheeling. As local president here, I need to tell all my lovely followers every bit of information they need to know. You asked, brows furrowed with anger as you shook Hoseok’s hand off your wrist when he tried to hold you back from trying to leave. a/n: i was going back and forth about all of their love languages so feel free to let me know what you think they are!!!! additionally, this is not proof read so i hope it’s okay! kim seokjin - acts of service. Which often led to thoughts of possibly . 33 Stories. Arriving here, and being able to breathe freely without fear of making a sound, you decide then and there that Taehyung had become your comforting hand. Xiao x fem! Zombie! Reader. Genre: Yandere. It gets . Requests for 2022. Tags. a. Genre: Enemies to Lovers!AU, Arranged Marriage!AU, CEO!Taehyung, CEO!Reader, Romance, Smut, Fluff, Angst . Keri you’ve helped me so so much with my . Reader. Coming . For some reason I liked being intimate with Jimin and Yoongi… Maybe I should give them all a chance… “Please think about being our mate. Although, not in the way most would think. I just read first 2 chapters as it started getting very mature and there was A LOT OF SMUT but if u want you can read it. Warnings: dom/sub dynamics, dom!jungkook, sub!Reader, size kink, oral (f & m rec. 👀👀👀. bts x reader bts crack bts text bts imagines bts fanfic namjoon x reader ot7 imagine bts fic bts fluff ot7 x reader ot7 x you. By the time this mist clears I'll run with my feet wet, so hug me then. Number three - Ot7 as in the boys are in a polygamy relationship with each other and the reader just happens to join. com - [CLEAN . Yoongi rolled his eyes, feeling impatient. Idol!OT7 x Teacher!Reader (COMPLETE) Description: Seemingly out of the blue, y/n packs up everything to move halfway around the world to teach English in the heart of Seoul. The boys all screamed her name and the echoes of their voices filled the empty space. Pairing (s): Steve Rogers x black reader, Bucky Barnes x Natasha Romanoff, stucky, Natasha x Reader, Bucky x reader, Wanda x reader (platonic) Summary: Y/n and Wanda talk about Y/n’s insecurities. BTS Yandere | Reader | Fanfiction Horror Romance. Pairing: BTS - OT7 x Reader, Bigbang x GDragon. Avengers x reader preferences However, most of these options require users to spend diamonds. Reader. 90 Days - Hybrid!BTS x Fem!Reader (Part One) Originally posted by jikooki. 30. really. I bite my lips to keep quiet he leans down and captures my lips in a duel. 2am thoughts bts bts jimin jimin bts rm bts namjoon namjoon bts jin jin bts jungkook jungkook bts v bts taehyung taehyung bts jhope bts hoseok hoseok jhope bts imagines bts headcanons bts x reader bts x y/n x reader yoongi bts yoongi suga bts suga allora works 70 notes Jan 29, 2022 C H A P T E R 5 “A comforting hand is one that can soothe any situation. See a recent post on Tumblr from @birchandspruce about bts ot7 x reader.

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